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How to Make Great Wings and Benefits of Hemp Infusion

A lot of people do think of chicken wings as junk food, but the truth is that healthy wings do exist.  As a matter of fact, chicken wings can be part of a well-balanced tailgate since each wing has about 6 grams of protein. 

One interesting thing about wings today is that you can even infuse hemp into the Wings to enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids in this nutritious treat. 

 The idea of Chicken wings bar food delicacy started in Buffalo, New York. The idea was hatched back in 1964 when the co-owner of the now-famous Anchor Bar, Teressa Bellissimo, cooked up some leftover wings in a peppery hot sauce for her friends and son to snack on. 

The wings were such a hit that it entered into the Anchor Bar’s menu the following day, plated with bleu cheese and celery slices. 

Since then wings has evolved, and now you can enjoy it with Sweet healthy sauces such as Bayou Glaze Sweet BBQ Sauce (250-MG). This sticky and cool Bayou Glaze contains 250 mg of hemp per bottle. This helps you enjoy more than the nutritious value. You also get lots of functional benefits like reduced pain and anxiety, better sleep, and many more.

When is it good to have chicken wings?

You can enjoy your chicken wings on almost all occasions. When it comes to a game day, you can enjoy healthy wings as a Super Bowl snack. Although wings can be quite messy, they are surely fun to eat (You can’t but admit it!). 

And one interesting part is that wings are remarkably versatile. There are many saucy chicken wings out there for you whether you’re Team Deep-Fried, Baked, Sweet or Spicy. 

Chicken wings are also great for any weeknight dinner, lunch, or get together. So even if your holiday parties will look less rowdy due to the social distancing during this period, you can still have nice memories with your wings. 

No matter the occasion, don’t be afraid to cook up a big batch of BBQ, buffalo or baked wings right this minute. And don’t forget you can infuse the wings using the Bayou Glaze Sweet BBQ Sauce (250-MG).

What do you stand to gain from infusing wings?

Hemp oil is a naturally occurring compound extracted from the hemp plant. It does not produce any psychoactive effect and it is touted for its therapeutic properties. 

Infusing hemp into chicken wings has been shown to help relieve anxiety, pain, and inflammation. This process became popular after the 2018 farm bill was passed, which made the farming of hemp a legal act. 

Hemp is now used in edibles such as condiments and hot sauces. An amazing edible produced by Euphoria Eats is Bayou Glaze Sweet BBQ Sauce (250-MG). This BBQ sauce is an experience for the taste buds and it includes hemp, one bottle has about enough to be able to can cover up to two dozen wings, making roughly 10 milligrams per wing. Normally with edibles you expect an “off” flavor however this sauce is as good if not better then the typical wing sauce!

The hemp content in Bayou Glaze Sweet BBQ Sauce (250-MG) has been shown to offer anecdotal benefits in managing muscle tension and pain relief among other benefits. 

However, you need to note that when you consume hemp through edibles, it first pass through your digestive system before you feel the effects. So don’t become bothered when you don’t feel results within a few minutes or even up to an hour. Besides, don’t make the mistake of consuming more edibles just to feel a quick effect. 

The point is that you need to relax and have fun with edibles especially great wings infused with hemp products like Bayou Glaze Sweet BBQ Sauce (250-MG). 

Now, let’s move on to talk about our recipe

Recipe for making great wings (Bayou Glaze) using air fryer

 What you will need:

  • I pack of drumettes (6 wings)
  • 2 table spoons minced garlic
  • ½ tsp Euphoria Eats Cajun Seasoning (any of your choice)
  • ½ tsp paprika 
  • ½ tsp salt 

How to make wings:

  • Mix all the dry seasoning into a bowl and add minced garlic
  • Stir until you get an even mixture
  • Pour ½ bottle of Euphoria Eats BBQ sauce into the bowl and mix evenly
  • Add wings to the bowl coat and allow it sit for 5 minutes
  • Turn airfryer and set it at 375 degrees for 25 minutes (chicken setting)
  • Add the wings to the airfryer and leave it for around 18 minutes until browned. Once you remove the chicken from the fryer, place it on a paper towel to cool.

NB: If you don’t have an air fryer, you can use the oven.

Instruction for cooking wings in the oven

  • Coat your chicken wings with aluminum-free baking powder. This makes the skin super crispy
  • Place aluminum foil on your baking sheet to collect drippings, and then arrange a wire rack over the top
  • Set your wings in an even layer to allow even distribution of heat
  • Bake your wings on the rack for about 50 minutes or more (Flip the wings around 25 minutes of baking to allow even crispness. Leaving your wings for that long allows fat to render from the chicken wings to get a delicious golden brown crispy treat.
  • After baking, pour the sauce- Bayou Glaze Sweet BBQ Sauce- over your crispy baked wings and serve. Very simple!

Final Remark

Chicken wings are one savory Super Bowl snack that you can enjoy anywhere and anytime. They make a great treat your annual parties, get together, lunch and during bbqs. You can either have them air-fryed or cooked in an oven. The interesting part is that you can enjoy your great wings with Hemp infused sauce like Bayou Glaze Sweet BBQ Sauce (250-MG). You not only get a tasty treat but functional benefits like relief from inflammation, pain, and many other benefits associated with hemp oil.

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