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How to Make the Juiciest Infused Rib in the south

Now that spring is fast approaching, you must be thinking of the best treats that you can prepare for family and friends in the comfort of your home. Have you considered the Oven Baked Ribs? This easy fall-off-the-bone treat is highly delicious and all 95% of the recipe time is sitting and relaxing while the ribs bake. 

The good part of the Oven baked ribs is that you can add barbeque sauces like the Bayou Glaze Sweet BBQ Sauce (250-MG). This is an infused hemp BBQ sauce that adds an experience for the taste buds. Besides the mouth-watering taste, hemp-infused sauce offers a lot of health benefits, and it is a better alternative to CBD-infused products.

An oven-baked ribs turns fire-pit cooking into an easier indoor process that gives a fall-apart ribs every time. This barbeque meat is one of the true pleasures in life. 

You don’t have to have an outdoor grill or stand out in the rain. This recipe is a fantastic and makes a really good rack of ribs indoors without much mess or fuss. 

You can still use the grill on your rib but it is advisable to first cook them in the oven at home, then you can slap them on the grill and baste them with BBQ sauce like the Bayou Glaze Sweet BBQ Sauce (250-MG) to get a delicious charred finish. 

If you intend to host a party, cooking multiple slabs of ribs can take a tedious amount of time and grill space. But using the oven allows you to prepare the ribs ahead of time and finish them on the grill to save you tons of time. 

Low and Slow

When you cook your rib in the oven on a low heat for a few hours, you get an incredibly tender meat that you can easily bite off the bone. 

But having a tender meat is one part of the equation; the sauce also add intense flavor to the ribs and seals in the juices to keep the ribs from drying out. This product - Bayou Glaze Sweet BBQ Sauce (250-MG) – is infused with hemp and adds savory. 

However, the method we recommend is brushing on your favorite BBQ sauce on your ribs. You can use the Bayou Glaze Sweet BBQ Sauce (250-MG) to enjoy much health benefits which we shall be discussing later in this article. 

How to make Ribs in the Oven

Here’s a step by step process on how to prepare and bake ribs:

Remove the Silver Skin

There’s always a thin sliver skin or membrane along the back of the ribs. You need to remove this membrane to make the rib fun to eat. The membrane actually makes the meat less tender. 

The membrane is easy to remove. Just turn the ribs and look for a membrane part that you can easily grab. You can slide a small knife blade between the skin and the ribs to pull up the membrane.  

When you catch a piece of this silver membrane, pull it back like you’re peeling off a piece of tape. You can pull the entire membrane off at once if you do it right. 

Add a dry rub

After removing the membrane, it is important to sprinkle a dry rub across the ribs to add an extra layer of intense flavor. You can allow it sit overnight in the refrigerator, but it’s not compulsory. 

There are some dry rub recipes available commercially, but if you prefer, you can simply use pepper and salt to season the ribs liberally. 

Bake the ribs

Cut off a piece of tin foil to make a packet for the ribs. Ensure that the foil is large enough to completely encase the rib. Crimp the edges of the foil to keep the steam in. This makes the rib become very tender. 

Place your baking sheet inside the oven and set it at 2750C. The amount of time it needs to cook depends on the size of the rack of ribs you’re baking. 

However, for a small rack of ribs, it would take around 2 to 2 ½ hours to cook. Medium rack can take up to 3 hours, while the large rack can take around 4 hours. 

Don’t check it until it cooks in the oven for a minimum of 2 hours. After that time, you can give it a peek.

You’d most likely notice that the meat has pulled back from the bone edges. You can insert a fork into the meat if you’re not sure and give it a gentle tug. It should come out easy but if it doesn’t, you should put it back into the oven for another 30 minutes. 

Note that cooking the ribs to perfection can take up to 4 hours, depending on the size of the ribs you’re baking. But you need to be careful not to overdo it, else you’ll get bones that are too tender. 

Add your BBQ Sauce

After cooking, remove the ribs from the tin foil and slather it with BBQ sauce. (You can use the Bayou Glaze Sweet BBQ Sauce (250-MG). This sauce is hemp-infused and it gives you numerous health benefits aside from its savory taste. The sauce actually boosts the flavor and seals in the juices.

Grill or Broil

You can slap the ribs that are basted with BBQ sauce and place it on a hot grill meat side up.  Allow the ribs to get a little char around the edges before basting again. In some 5-10 minutes, you should get a great caramelized crust on the top. 

If you want to broil, place the ribs under the broiler for 5 minutes. Watch it closely, in case of flare-ups. You can give them a second dose of sauce and put them back under the broiler for another 3-5 minutes. This helps to fully caramelize the sauce.

The good thing about this recipe is that it’s scale-able. This means that you can decide to make one rack for one or two people or make 4 to 5 at a time for a crowd.  

Here is a recipe for easy oven-baked hemp-infused ribs



  • Rinse and pat the ribs dry with a paper towel. After that, remove the silver skin membrane
  • Coat the ribs in dry rub
  • Arrange your ribs in a foil and be sure to seal the edges. 
  • Place the ribs on a baking sheet and put inside the oven pre-heated to 2750C.
  • Cook for 2 hours and stop when the meat pulls back easily from the bone. Continue cooking for up to 4 hours for larger rack of ribs. 
  • Peel the foil and discard any juices. 
  • Slather the ribs with BBQ sauce (Bayou Glaze Sweet BBQ Sauce (250-MG))
  • Set the oven to broil and place the baking tray under the broiler when hot. Allow it stay for 3-5 minutes. You can repeat with an additional layer of BBQ sauce If you desire
  • Serve the ribs.

Now, you may ask, “what do I stand to gain from using a hemp-infused BBQ sauce?” We shall show you some important benefits you stand to gain and the advantages of hemp-infused products over CBD-infused options. 

Benefits of hemp

The hemp plant is a variety of Cannabis sativa that has been mainly used as a fiber and nutrition source for thousands of years. Many strains of the hemp plant do not pose any psychoactive effect associated with cannabis. 

In terms of nutrition, hemp is rich in minerals, vitamins and it offers many impressive health benefits. For example, hemp oil is rich in vitamin E, and it is useful for keeping your immune system functioning. It also acts as an antioxidant, reducing free radicals that can cause cell damage. 

Furthermore, true hemp provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Improved digestion
  • Reduced eczema
  • It reduces anxiety and depression
  • It helps relieve pain

Advantages of hemp-infused products over CBD-infused products 

CBD also known as cannabidiol is a major chemical compound found in marijuana plants. It contains some amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which produces a psychoactive effect. Hemp does not contain THC, hence, you only get your health benefits with hemp-infused products, without any chance of feeling “high.” 

That’s one reason why eating hemp-infused ribs is a smart way to get both nutritious and health-boosting benefits. 

Final Remark

You can make your savory oven-baked infused rib from the comfort of your kitchen. You don’t need to follow any elaborate procedures. What you need most is your time. You can brush on Bayou Glaze Sweet BBQ Sauce (250-MG)  to get a spicy vinegar taste. More so, the cool heat makes it perfect to enjoy a cool evening with your family or buddies. Take advantage of the health benefits of this hemp-infused BBQ sauce today and still enjoy that fall-apart goodness you love. 

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